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Moduline Roll In / Roll Thru Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers



Dishes that are always tasty, fresh and safe? An always impeccably well-organised and prompt service? Increasingly optimized costs and schedules? How do we achieve this? With Moduline Roll In / Roll Thru Blast Chillers. Like the company’s other ranges of Regeneration, Hot holding and Slow cooking – they make full use of cutting-edge technology, the best materials, high-end design and the experience gained in over twenty years of business, working with restaurants and chefs. To create comprehensive solutions that ensure the most modern and efficient way of managing a professional kitchen. Safe, well-organised, costeffective, profitable.

DMODULINE ROLL IN / ROLL THRU BLAST CHILLERS – Proving sustainability through superior engineering

Unlike most blast chillers in the marketplace, Moduline Roll In / Roll Thru Blast Chillers do not move air across the food, we pull air across the food, removing condensate quickly out of the cavity reducing the potential of crystalization.  This also reduces the risk of frosting in the cavity, allowing for food to be preserved fresh, full of color and flavor, preserving the natural texture and appeal of the food, which leads into presenting a perfectly regenerated product giving it the "just cooked" looked upon presentation later.

Moduline Roll In / Roll Thru Blast Chillers lead the industry in technology and performance / efficiency and also offer the largest model line, with up to a 4 deep cart roll in.


  • High preservation technology
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Full of accessories
  • Designed to be user-friendy