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Moduline Table Top Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers


Cook - Chill - Fill - Regenerate, all key steps in delivering delicious food qickly & safely.

Moduline Blast Chillers - Technology that delivers quality every time.

The Chef can plan his menu and his recipes flawlessly with precision and care yet unless the steps are followed without flaw, the end result will be a substandard meal.  All too often our focus is on the cooking equipment in the kitchen, not the chilling.  The importance is equal when we talk cook chill applications.  The blast chiller is as important as the cooking equipment itself.  After all once we cook to perfection our goal in cook chill is to chill the product down, then store it to get a longer shelf life.  Another purpose is also to reduce work load of the kitchen during busy times and decrease service times while increasing menu offering.  Therfore, we must KNOW that our equipment performs precisely, ensuring that our food will be served again after regeneration as if it were just cooked minutes ago by the Chef themselves.  If we cannot ensure this, we are talking about reputation, so why leave anything to chance, use Moduline Blast Chillers when reputation counts for everything.

Moduline blast chillers features high performance, highly efficient condensing units that pull air toward the back of the cavity, removing the heat and the condensate up to 30% quicker than other blast chillers that blow air across the product.  This allows heat and condensate to be removed quickly, allowing for quick chill times as well as better results when presenting the food later after regeneration.  The removal of condensate quickly is important in blast chilling.  As our product cools the condensate can form on th top of the product if not removed quickly, leaving a white film on the top of the product.  This, later, will also leave either pooling of water if regenerating on a plate, or if regenerating in bulk, will effect the texture of the product.  Both result in a product that does not look, taste, or feel like it was just cooked by a Chef, defeating the purpose of cook chill.

Moduline blast chillers also feature electronics that, when combined with the other mentioned features ensure product is cooled quickly, correctly, and made for storage and packaging, ready for regeneration later.  Returning food to its "just cooked" state that it originally had after the Chef completed the cooked cycle, even if it was 20 days ago.

Moduline blast chillers, simply the best.

Moduline Table Top Blast Chillers – Proving sustainability through superior engineering

  • High preservation technology
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Full of accessories
  • Designed to be user-friendy