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Moduline Banquet Cook & Hold Ovens

Cook & Hold Ovens


Moduline Cook & Hold Ovens are like no other Cook & Hold Oven available today.  We start by manufacturing a solid, no seem cavity made from 316 stainless steel.  We then take the cavity and wrap it with a solid, no joint, heating cable.  This produces an even heat all around the cavity, eliminating hot and cold spots, ensuring even and consistant heat distribution in the cavity.  We then take a insulation and wrap the entire cavity to ensure not only performance but also efficiency.  Cavity construction is often comprimised by other manufactures as they miss the importance of this step.  The end result is, in a fully loaded cavity, we have minimal heat differeantial between the top and the bottom, only 3 to 5 degrees difference, FULLY LOADED.

After we perfected the cavity we then went to the controls.  The "E" series controls on the Moduline Cook & Hold Ovens is also like no other you have seen.  We took all the features of our combi oven controls and made them avaialble on our Cook & Hold Ovens.  This gives everyone ease of programming, ease of cooking, the storage of recipes and menu development.  It also gives you the flexibility to control the settings and parameters, allowing temperatures of up to 350•F or higher, low temperature cooking, and DeltaT cooking.  The ability to naturally brown a product without rubs is acheived perfectly, yet gentle cooking without loss of weight, returning a higher yield is also possible.

An extremely gentle process: The Moduline Cook & Hold Oven's Delta T system with the support of the core probe, allows to set the correct temperature difference between the cavity and the food’s core, keeping it constant; lesser DeltaT difference improves the final result.  Even browning is acheived with no use of rubs.

WARRANTY: 3 year warranty on parts & labor, 10 year warranty on heating elements, frame & body. (Exports: Warranty on export items shipped outside the United Staes and Canada include a 3 year parts only warranty, 10 year warranty on frame and body)


With the flexibility of the Moduline Cook & Hold Oven, we offer over 30 different models, with a catalog of standard models downloadable below, but also custom models available, built to your needs


Moduline Cook & Hold Oven Brochure

Moduline Cook & Hold Oven Spec. Sheets

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