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Moduline Refrigerated Regeneration

Cold Holding / Regeneration / Holding

Moduline Cold Holding Regeneration Ovens offer the ability to load a product into the cavity, hold the product at a programmed temperature in a cold state, then automatically turn on and regenerate or cook the food, then hot hold with multi stage holding.  This flexibility gives the user assurance of proper HACCP guidelines being followed for storage of food and regeneration.  It also allows the user to decrease labor and stress to staff.

Moduline Cold Holding Regeneration Ovens were made to be versatile.  You can bake, steam, boil, cook and hold, regenerate, cold hold, proof, and more.  A true multi purpose tool for Chefs that is as versatile as a combi oven without the initial high cost purchase price, cost of chemicals, or high cost of installation.

Moduline Cold Holding Regeneration Ovens were designed to not only bring the product back to temperature like rethermalizers do but to regenerate the product, bringing it back to its just cooked state not only in regards to temperature, but also in regards to aroma, texture, moisture, sight, and taste.  As if it were just cooked by the Chef.



  • Solid drawn cavity with rounded corners and no seems, offering maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning
  • Rubber bumpers for maximum protection
  • Entire cavity is insulated
  • Long lasting front seals made up of food grade of high heat resistance
  • Removable side racks to facilitate cleaning
  • Internal drain for easy cleaning
  • Ventilated heating provided by high efficiency protected heating elements
  • Ventilated cooling provided by stainless steel evaporator
  • Ecological compressor unit (R404A)
  • Snap-shut door
  • Mounted on four 4.9” diameter castors, two of which with brake
  • Ergonomic handles for pushing and guiding
  • Easy access to facilitate maintenance and repair




  • Electronic control panel of temperature, time and humidity with LCD touch-screen
  • End-of-cycle buzzer
  • Simplified, user-friendly controls
  • Operating temperature 32°F – 370°F
  • Manual humidity vent
  • Combined cavity periodic reversal of direction of rotation of the fans for better cold/hot air distribution
  • Concealed optional water storage tank offers no need for water connection
  • End-of-cycle buzzer
  • Chamber with safety thermostat
  • Delayed start timer
  • Mixed density cooking allows you to cook multiple product types at one time
  • Multi stage cooking and holding allows you to cook and hold in multiple stages.  This allows for the most stubborn of foods to be held with quality ( Example: Fried Chicken can be held for up to 8 hours while remaining moist on the inside and crisp on the outside)



  • Units starting from 6 hotel pan capacity up to 40 full size sheet tray capacity.


  • Core probe with the possibility to register 30 different temperatures and save them In the HACCP report (available only with USB port device)
  • Automatic humidity vent (Climachef)
  • Stainless steel plate baskets
  • USB port saving device HACCP