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Fuxion Pressure Steamer

Steamers & Pressure Steamers


Fuxion pressure steamers offer all the benefits of teh Fuxion convection steamers while incorporating the benefits of pressure.  Pressure steamers allow pressure to build up in the internal cavity of the steamer.  This allows pressure steamers to cook at high temperatures than convection steamers while also allowing the pressure steamers to keep in more nutritional values of foods natural ingredients.  Pressure steamers cook by putting the product under pressure, allowing steam to penetrate the product quicker, deeper, while also keeping in the products natural juices, water, etc. beacuse the pressure is keeping them in the product instead of "leaching" them out.  This results in a higher quality food, that presents brighter in regards to color, tastes better as flavor is intensified with pressure steamers, and higher production and yields.

In addition our pressure steamers can also be used for sterilizing, autoclaving, sous-vide cooking, pasteurizing, and more.  We have different grades of pressure steamers available, ranging from food service to pharmaceutical and medical units.  For more information on our pressure steamers, see specification sheets below.  For information regarding our medical and pharmaceutical units, please email your inquiry to

WARRANTY: 3 year warranty on parts & labor, 10 year warranty on heating elements, frame & body. (Exports: Warranty on export items shipped outside the United Staes and Canada include a 3 year parts only warranty, 10 year warranty on frame and body)

Fuxion Pressure Steamer Benefits